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Glänzend Schulterfrei Lange Meerjungfrau Pailletten Ballkleider

[Artikelnummer: BC1019]

5.0 5
US$  226. 80 US$ 478.80 52% Sparen
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Schneidzeit: 12-20 Tage
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US$ 231.60

US$ 216.00

US$ 346.80
Beschreibung Maßetabelle
Produktname: Glänzend Schulterfrei Lange Meerjungfrau Pailletten Ballkleider
Artikelnummer: D155428416409041
Farbe: Wie Bild,Weiß,Elfenbein,Nude Rosa,Rosa,Bonbon Rosa,Perlen Rosa,Altrosa,Wassermelonen,Rot,Fuchsia,Weinrot,Schokolade,Braun,Golden,Chamagner,Organge,Gelb,Gelb,Regency,Purpur,Lila,Lavendel,Himmel Blau,Blau,Meerblau,König Blau,Tintenblau,Navy Blau,Schwarz,Grau,Silber,Dunkel Grün,Jade,Limettengrün,Grün,Salbeigrün,Mint Grün
Maß: EU 32,EU 34,EU 36,EU 38,EU 40,EU 42,EU 44,EU 46,EU 44 G,EU 46 G,EU 48G,EU 50,EU 52G,EU 54G,EU 56
Kategorie: Abiballkleider Abendkleider
Ausschnitt: Schulterfrei
Stoff: Pailletten
Schnitt: Meerjungfrau Stil
Länge: Bodenlang

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The dress arrived in my country (Jamaica) on April 16, 2019 and I received it on April 17, 2019, well within the shipping time frame newarrival dress indicated. I'm a tad disappointed in the fit, but only because it will need some minor adjustments from the bust to hips, to fit properly. I ordered a size 12 based on the measurement specifications, but it seems that a size 10 would've fit just fine. I accept though that that's the risk an online shopper takes, and even more so when the dress cannot be custom-made, as was the case with this purchase. That aside, its still a beautiful dress and well-made. The fabric's of good quality and it looks everything like the pictures represented. I'm sure it will look stunning on me with the necessary alterations.My only suggestion to Newarrivaldress is to provide the option for custom-made dresses for all the prom dresses it sells.


I ordered the dress, what would best fit my size, and had my aunt, who is a seamstress, alter it for me because I wanted the sash shorter. She and everyone else kept talking about how beautiful the dress was and couldn't believe the cost! Now everyone wants to order dresses from this site!!! I was very pleased with everything!!!!


Okay. At around 9am, my mother barged into my room and threw a bag onto my bed effectively waking me up in shock. She looked so excited and when I got my senses back I realized it was my dress. I opened it, and I have never been so delighted in my life to receive a package. To be honest, I was very hesitant about buying such an important dress online. I've known about Newarrivaldress for quite a while but this was my first time being confident enough to actually buy from them. But when I touched the dress and tried it on, I thanked God that I bit down my fears and gave it a go. Because the dress is amazing. And if there were a better word to use for it, I would definitely define it with it. The material is quality, and all the little embellishments are intricate and professionally placed. My mother also ordered a dress for my younger sister and even with that, we were amazed. For the price Newarrivaldress asks for these dresses, you would never expect this kind of quality. I don't know how much to thank you for making this dress custom made for me, but know that I will be spreading the word about your site extensively. And that every time I need a special dress, this site will be the first I go to. About the dress, (for those who wish to buy it), I am a typical size 8. I had to get it custom made though, for my height and bust. The dress was made to fit and it was done perfectly. So unless you have differences with your size compared to the norm, even the normal sizes would do. Other than that, all I can say is that like the picture depicts, the dress is gorgeous, and even more so in person.


it is very beautiful, I like it!


I fell hard for this dress. After viewing hundreds of thumbnails of wedding dresses, this dress simply said I'm yours I ordered a champagne colored gown, size 2. I checked the website daily for delivery updates, becoming obsessive almost. On the day it was to arrive I put my household on high alert: THE dress was arriving! By 8 p.m. I had to concede that my delivery had not made it to me as promised. I contacted customer service and without hesitating or quibbling, Newarrivaldress offered me a very generous compensation for the delay (and my angst.) This is what good old fashion customer service used to be: make the customer happy--and now I am. The dress arrived one week later and it was as wonderful as I hoped for. The only minor blip was that the pleating around the bust and shoulder became rather puffed up in the box and it required a bit of steaming and ironing to return it to the designed silhouette. Perhaps a clip or bit of tissue could be placed on the garment to keep the design's integrity. I have the dress hanging by my bed, which is an embarrassing confession to how in love I am with this dress. when it comes to buying a gown, do not hesitate to buy your gown at Newarrivaldress. You will be so impressed by the quality.

Glänzend Schulterfrei Lange Meerjungfrau Pailletten Ballkleider